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contact legislators

  • AND... Can you call your legislators?

Step 2 - Call to: identify yourself, urge them to support single payer legislation.


  • Medicare Crisis Program Act (H.R. 6674) to provide Medicare coverage for those who have lost their insurance because they lost their jobs

  • Health Care Emergency Guarantee Act (H.R. 6906 and S. 3790) to cover COVID-19 related health care costs for every U.S. resident until a vaccine becomes widely available

  • Improved Medicare-for-All program set forth in:


  • H. 7684 and S. 2389 - proposing a state Medicare-for-All program

  • H. 7829 and S. 2383 - urging passage of a national Medicare-for-All single-payer program

  • S. 2385 - proposing a state Medicare-for-All single-payer study commission

  • S. 2370 - requesting the R.I. Auditor General study Medicaid privatization costs

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