We must stop private health insurance company middlemen who provide no actual health care and limit our care.

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Federal Single Payer
Medicare-for-all bills
House bill HR 1967 - Research
Senate bill S. 1129 - Research
COVID-19 related bills

HR 6674Medicare Crisis Program Act (Jayapal - Kennedy - enrolls as many people as possible into Medicare, i.e., all of the recently unemployed (since the pandemic)

S 3790 and HR 6906 - Healthcare Emergency Guarantee Act (Sanders - Jayapal ) -  empowers Medicare to cover COVID-19 related costs for every U.S. resident, until a vaccine became widely available. Bill summary HERE


Note: Both bills leave private insurance in place. Both are preferable to the bill subsidizing private insurance COBRA.

State Single Payer
Medicare-for-All bills 
  • 2021 RI Medicare-for-all - H. 5628  and S. 0233​​
  • 2021 RI Resolution urging passage of federal Medicare-for-all single payer legislation H. 6078  and S. 0109​​
  • 2021 RI Resolution establishing a state single payer study commission - H. 5019  and S. 230  
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Medicaid Managed Care Organization (MCO) bills
  • 2021 RI Resolution requesting Auditor General study Medicaid Privatization Costs  - H. 6046  and S. 0049 
  • 2021 RI Audit/Deprivatize Medicaid Bill - H. 5449  and S. 379 
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