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  • 2022 Single Payer MFA bill

Lead Sponsor analyses:

Senator Sam Bell

House Representative David Morales

  • PRE-2022 Single Payer MFA bill

Professor Gerald Friedman, U Mass Amherst, has conducted economic research and analysis focused on Rhode Island implementing single payer.  Click below to read his study, addendum and 2018 testimony to the Rhode Island General Assembly.  Click here for Prof. Friedman's resume.

Prof. Friedman Testimony to RI General Assembly (2021)
Prof. Friedman Testimony to RI General Assembly (2018)
RI single payer economic analysis (2015)
Addendum to economic analysis (2015)
See also: FAQMedicare-for-all Myths, and the 2017 URI Healthcare Symposium 

  • 2022 RI Medicaid Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) Oversight Bill -  
H. 7758 and S. 2473
Compare: 2019 OHIC "justifications" for privatizing Medicaid here and here.
  • 2022 Control Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM)s
H. 8002 and S. 2619 (Senate hearing 3-23-22)
  • 2022 RI Resolution urging passage of federal Medicare-for-all single payer legislationH. 6646  
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