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how to submit testimony

To submit verbal testimony, fill out this form by 4 pm on Wed. May 12. 
On Thurs., May 13, sometime after 5:00 pm, the clerk of the RI House Finance Committee will call your phone and you can give your testimony.  Hearing Agenda here.
To submit written testimony, email the RI House Finance Committee that you support 3 bills
  • H. 5628 - State single payer program
  • H. 6046 - RI Resolution requesting Auditor General study Medicaid Privatization Costs
  • H. 5449 - RI Audit/Deprivatize Medicaid Bill  
Subject:  Support of H. 5628, H. 6046 and H. 5449
Please notify RI House Finance Committee members that I support H. 5628, H. 6046, and H. 5449.   These bills seek to provide Rhode Islanders with universal, affordable, comprehensive coverage by removing health insurance company middlemen from our health care system.
[Insert optional personal story about how private health insurance company failed to provide you adequate health insurance coverage.]
Thank you.
[Your name]
Backup research for State Single Payer program here and MCO bills here.
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